Adoptables at Blue Ridge Humane Society

Hello again my friends,
In my humble opinion, life is so much better with a companion animal so I’d like to introduce you to a few of the most beautiful faces I’ve met in the past few weeks at Blue Ridge Humane Society. Some of these sweet dogs may have already found homes by now, but if this inspires you to check your local area rescue before going anywhere else to find a companion, then my job is done (at least for the week anyway.) If you see a face you’d like to fall in love with, please reach out to Blue Ridge Humane Society here.
Each one of these faces really wants to tell you a story. It reminds me of a bittersweet quote that I keep on the wall in my office. Some of you may already know this one,  “Some people talk to animals. Not many listen. That’s the problem.” ~A. A.Milne.
If we could only speak dog-ese, right?
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Hello Friends

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