Today, I wanted to share a very memorable pet photoshoot with a super friendly rescue dog named Bauer. From the moment he ran into my studio, I fell in love with his enormously sweet and slightly wonky eyes, his spots and yes – even his adorable little doggy bootie. His dog mom brought him to the studio because she wanted to capture a very interesting phenomenon that is happening on his  little chest. If you look closely enough, you’ll see some curious spots.

Bauer dog with a freckle patter on his chest

Smiley Face

Boston Terrier looking at a stuffed dog toy

Throw the toy!

If you see a smiley face with a cute little heart for a nose, you aren’t the only one. This unique arrangement just started appearing one day and Bauer’s mom wanted to capture him in all his smiley face spotted glory before his spot pattern changed.

Boster Terrier jumping around a stuffed dog toy

A toy for me?!

Once we got into the studio shoot room and started our pet photoshoot with him, I really saw where he was special. At first, he wasn’t quite sure what we wanted him to do but once he figured it out, there wasn’t much he wasn’t willing to do for a photograph (and a treat). His mom brought in some soft plush snowballs and we had SO much fun tossing those around the room for him to chase. We started tossing his favorite toys around and I found myself laughing so hard, there were tears in my eyes! *I’m actually a little bit surprised that the images came out so clear because my hand was shaking from all over laughter.

Then the designer clothing came out of the bag and we started adorning little Bauer with the most handsome winter sweaters…He just sat like a little canine James Bond. I think he knew that he was top dog that day.  bauer-2006Boston Terrier in a red and green sweater

After his quick snack of Quinoa, I fired off a few more shots of his adorable little face and then it was time to call it a day.


Here are some of the most memorable shots from his session. If you are wondering about what it’s like in a photo session, check out this list of top 5 things your pet photographer wishes you knew. If you’d like to experience the fun of a photo session for your pampered pet, your best buddy, your aloof kitty or even the goldfish – Give us a call at 828-380-9774 or email info@sherylmannphotography.

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