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Happy weekend All,

I wanted to check in and share a few pictures with you all today from a most amazing adventure the other day. I’ve been getting out of the studio a little bit more and focusing on animals that don’t bark or meow or squeak. Since this year is full of new beginnings (new logo, new brand, new website, new studio…..), I am shooting to broaden the scope of my work to include animals in their natural habitats. (See what I did there? Shoot = Camera pun? Okay, moving on…)

This past week’s adventure came to me rather suddenly when my daughter was invited to go visit some baby goats. Not being one to pass up a chance meeting with babies, I invited myself along! I didn’t know what to expect other than to see a barn situation, but the actual environment was absolutely the most beautiful thing. The barns were rich with history being a working farm and the very texture of the entire view thrilled me as a photographer! The barn wood was rough and aged, the hay dust had been accumulating perfectly for years, the tools still hanging in the barn ready for whatever they are needed for. Everything had a place and a purpose. In our fast paced world of technology, it was a breath of fresh air to experience a place that has never seen a fiber optic cable, a computer or a satellite TV dish. And to know that the barn is still being used to sustain a working farm thrills me. I know, I’m being a bit nostalgic. It made me want to find more working farms and explore the fascinating life there.


By the way, if you live on a working farm near the Asheville area, I would LOVE to visit your farm. It seems like working farms are disappearing more and more, and I would hate to see places like this become nothing but history. I’d love to see if I can shine a light on a very important part of agriculture in North Carolina. I’m been inspired to create a photo essay on farm life and would love to see what it’s like on your farm. I’ll bring carrots…and my camera.


“But wait…what about the baby goats?”

Once we arrived at the farm, we walked out to the barn to see three precious babies and their moms. (Two goats, three kids) Since the mama goats were very nervous around us, I thought it best not to bother them too much so I satisfied my goal by shooting through one of the worn away boards on the outside of the stall. I hope that I get to go back to visit the babies when they get a little older and mama goat isn’t quite so nervous around strangers. Mama goat kept her babes well protected so I decided to honor her wishes and focused my pictures on the barn.




Looking around the barn, I discovered that not only did the goats live here, but apparently one very comfortable groundhog and a few snakes make their homes here too.

The tools are still hung neatly on the wall, and all the farm equipment is ready to be used. I’ll wager to bet that the owner of this barn knows exactly where every single piece of equipment is at any given moment. This picture is blurry since I was shooting in almost absolute darkness but I rather like the vintage look. There is no electricity to the barn.



Don’t even get me started on the textures!


Perhaps my favorite spot was the room that accesses the hay storage area upstairs. At the top of the stairs, there is an access door in the ceiling that makes getting hay more convenient for the residents on the first floor. Years and years of hay dust has settled onto the steps, the leads, the tack, the boxes…virtually everywhere. The spiders seem to be quite cozy here too.


Suffice to say, this was an absolute treat for me and I hope that I’ll be sharing more farm adventures as the great weather continues.



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