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Meet Sheryl Mann

Sheryl Mann is a pioneering photography artist who is fast becoming well-known and well-loved for own brand of humor and wit. She creates a magical photography world that belongs especially to our beloved fuzzy, feathered, and scaly friends. With joy, patience, and a bag of 16 tricks, Mann delightfully captures the sweet or kooky soul of each animal she works with. The visual icing on the cake is Mann’s imaginative detail and use of props and environment to tell the unique story of each animal.

Sheryl is an active member with the Professional Photographers of America, Professional Photographers of North Carolina and an Artist Helping Animals member of


Sheryl Mann promises to make photo-shoots fun for both her human and animal clients. She aims to make her humans smile and chuckle while her animals fly, drive cars, turn into latte drinking hipsters, or simply stare into the lens of life with curiosity. If for some reason Mann’s clients aren’t satisfied with their photos, she always happily and determinedly re-shoots her subjects, at no charge.



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Meet Sheryl Mann and her dog, Kashi

Me and my dog Kashi

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