What a long week it’s been…

Hello weekend!

So nice to finally see the end of a long emotional week. Not to drag all of you down, but looking back on the past few days…boy has this one been tough.

My heart goes out to everyone involved directly or indirectly to the Orlando Pulse Nightclub tragedy and I feel like all I can do is send big giant heart hugs to everyone. We also lost a brilliant and talented local Asheville photographer this week and all of Asheville is reeling from the loss of Tony Hood, co-owner of French Broad Imaging. I was visiting with him last Thursday morning and said that I’d check in with him in the next few days. I had no idea that it would be the last time I would ever talk with him. He passed away Thursday afternoon from a heart attack. My heart goes out to his family and friends for what is surely a most difficult time.

All of this tragedy and loss reminds me that we all need a little bit more love and understanding as we go about our day to day lives. We all need to take a moment to breath, to stop and enjoy the view…to love our pets and to spend a little bit more time bonding with them. We all need to send a little bit more love out to others too. Be kinder. Life is fleeting…I think we should make the most of it.


Spread the love around

So, I’m sending some love out into the world…

Starting with celebrating your pets. They are there for you, no matter what. OH sure, they wish you were home more…but they are always at the door waiting to hear your car in the garage, your key in the lock. They can almost hear your thoughts and they know your feelings. birthday postcard

What better way to celebrate your pets than with a Birthday? When you sign up for the Sheryl Mann Photography Monthly Newsletter, you can add your pet’s birthday or “gotcha” date. When that magical day rolls around, you should receive an email with a special coupon attached for a free birthday mini-session. Um, yah- I did say FREE! As part of your celebration, I’ll throw in three 5×5 prints from the session. Please keep in mind that the mini is head shots only – but they are so full of love and personality! I think you’ll love the results. We can even drag out the party hats. While I wish I could give everything away, sadly I can only give out one free mini per household per year. If you’ve got two pets, you can pick the most meaningful date and we can photograph both of them together. All mini’s will be held in the Asheville studio. To get in on the birthday club, sign up here: (Newsletter sign up here)

Speaking of mini’s…

Monthly mini'sWe had so much fun doing mini’s last month that I decided to offer them every month on a special day. Starting next Saturday, June 25th – I’ll be offering 1/2 hour mini’s every third Saturday of the month. The next mini session day will be July 23rd. Reservations are required so give me a call at 828-380-9774 if you’d like to get in on some mini-session fun. I do have a few sessions open but not for long. I know I’ve only given you a week notice, but maybe if you aren’t doing anything…..<grin> You know.

The last thing I wanted to announce is that after six years in business, it was time to admit that my organizational habits needed a bit of help. Okay, a LOT of help. (And let’s be honest…some of you have probably muttered under your breath about me for a while now! I know…I hear you. I have little birds who send me messages!)  I reached out to my dear friend Kristen Stover who agreed to help me out. Her business is called “My Mobile Admin” and let me tell you, she’s the Bees Knees! In one short week, she’s gotten me on track. She’s helping me get my ducks in a row…my llamas lined up  Llama newsletter promoand put my kibble back in with the bits. You can find her business on Facebook HERE. She would LOVE a Facebook ‘like” and if you need some administrative office support – give her a call. She’s amazing. I’m so excited to see the places I’ll go with her expert organizational support.

There’s so many things going into the project folder this month, but the biggest priority that I have right now is focusing on loving my community at large (that means you!) …volunteering in rescue for animals that need help and sending kind thoughts and deeds to those who need them.
Oh! Before I forget…my most important thought for the week: We’d like to wish all of you Dads out there the most fabulous Father’s Day weekend ever. Whether you are a dad to pets or kids…you are loved just the same.

Until next week, Wag more – Bark less.

Sheryl Mann

father's day Buster

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