Why Hello 2017!


Greetings Dear Readers!


Happy New Year! (or as my darling friend and Newfoundland enthusiast says…”Happy NEWF year!”)

I thought I’d check in with you and just mention a few exciting developments for Sheryl Mann Photography. I sat down a few weeks ago with my new assistant and great friend, Kristen Stover of My Mobile Admin and we blocked out a few “bucket list” items that we’d like to accomplish this year. By the way, allow me to digress here just a moment….if you need any kind of admin support for your business or your life – I highly recommend Kristen. I tease when I tell her that her whole job with me is to sit me down, put my face in her capable hands and tell me with a calm, strong, and authoritative voice…”Focus”

…but it’s true. And she does. And she’s amazing.

Now, where were we?

We sat down and mapped out some goals for 2017 and I must admit, I’m super excited! Oh sure, there are the prerequisite face lifts and tweaks to social media, the updates to my marketing campaigns etc. but the big news for me is that I’ve decided to partner up.

YES my friends… I’d like to gift some photography.


I’m selecting a few amazing local businesses this year to partner up with and work on some projects. These are businesses in the Asheville area that are experts at giving back. They think about others while they work, they commit to making the world a better place. In short, they make the world more awesomer (is that a word?) and I’d like to give something back to them in the way of photography. I’ve got my list but if you know of a wonderful business in the Asheville area that has some serious “give back-atude”, maybe you’ll send a little bird my way and let me know? I’m open to nominations.

Another very cool thing that landed in my lap a few weeks back is a new feature on my blog that I’m affectionately naming “Rescue Blog Dog”. Each month, I’ll be sharing a remarkable story about a local animal. These fabulous beasties will be not only featured for their story -but they get a deluxe photo shoot to go with it. Not only that…but I’ll be featuring a few kind words about the rescue that they came from. I won’t give away too much of January’s Blog Dog yet, but let’s just say – he’s a unique little guy. His photo session is sure to be an absolute hoot *and he has NO hair! Speaking of nominations…if you know of a rescue animal in the Asheville area that has quite a story to tell, drop me a line and tell me about it to info@sherylmannphotography. If selected, that lucky duck…or dog…or horse..or lemur gets a lovely feature on my blog and a deluxe photo session to show off their fabulousness.


What else can I share….OH! “Share the Love!”

You’ll be seeing the marketing launch around January 15th but I’ll just send out a little blurb here. We are officially announcing the first of our special Mini-session events on February 4th this year with our “Share the love” campaign. Our charity partner for this event is the Madison County Animal Foundation and I hope that we can send them some much needed funds and donations. Together, with your help – we can help them help more rescue animals in Madison County than ever before. Once those animals end up in a shelter situation, it doesn’t bode well for them, as you know. That’s why MCAF’s role is critically important in saving as many lives as possible before those animals end up with a deadline.  I am especially pleased (and a little geeked-out happy) to say that we have streamlined our sign ups for mini sessions.  You will be able to reserve your spot online and pay for your session all in one place. No fuss…easy-peasy.


For those of you who really REALLY want to peek, check out the page here:   Share the Love Mini sessions.  One of the fun perks from these mini’s is that we are bringing back the old fashioned Valentines Day cards with one modern exception…we are making them digital. You’ll receive a digital Valentine from your session that you can share on social media, share with all your friends and text your sweetheart to say how much you love them…and your furry babies. You’ll also be able to purchase some fun goodies but we’ll go over that later. Also, we are doing limited availability on this one so if you are thinking about it – you might want to book sooner than later.


On the client side, we are so happy to announce that all new clients in 2017 will have access to your very own smartphone app, created especially for you with images from your session. You’ll be able to carry the best 10 images from your session around on a smartphone to share with anyone. You’ll also be able to easily share your app with friends whether they have smartphones, social media accounts or email. Forget trying to pull up your images in the smartphone photo gallery. You’ll be able to tap the icon, load the images and scroll through quickly to find your favorite image. We’ve been testing this perk for a few months and have received rave reviews and we think you’ll love it too.

And last but certainly not least…I have a special section in my planner for personal projects. I have this little idea in my head that I’d like to publish a book one day. I keep talking about it…keep dreaming about it…even keep a special private Pinterest page about it…but it hasn’t happened yet. One of the steps on my path to total photo world domination (and to share the message of love and rescue) is a series of personal projects. I’m actually going to be working on a few of those projects this year and I’ll be putting out a series of model calls in the next month to feed into those projects. For the first project, I’ll be looking for guys and their dogs. Maybe you have a guy and dog team that pops into your head? Send me a note and let me know : info@sherylmannphotography.com

So, that’s about it from the command desk. By the way…for my birthday today, I received a brand new comfy office chair and ergonomic keyboard. Maybe the husband knows that I’ll be working harder than ever to spread my message of peace, love and rescue this year.


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