Summer Time and Family

Hello dear Readers,

We are hip deep in Summer aren’t we? Time for picnics, swimming parties, and lots and lots of mosquitoes! It also means that school is out until next month and I’ve gotten to spend some wonderful bonding time with my daughters. I know I don’t talk about my family much because I’m always sharing rescue dogs and client images, but I’ve got two amazing daughters and a husband (along with my fabulous dogs) and I thought you’d like to know about my family life just a bit.

My daughters are 12 and 14 and they definitely keep me on my toes. My younger daughter Sonja has a summer job as my assistant and she’s been so great about knowing how to interact with pets and help them feel at ease in front of the camera. I’m definitely going to miss her help once school starts again! My older daughter is on the Autism Spectrum and she’ll be the first to tell you that she has Asperger’s Syndrome. The world is an amazing place for Sophie but can be a source for frustration at times. She has a brilliant mind but it takes some effort sometimes to sort out what people do socially. Heck, I have trouble with that sometimes too! I’m definitely going to miss her help once school starts.


First day of school 2015

You might be wondering why I’ve decided to post about my family today…

It came about the other day while looking through old hard drives. I saw images of my girls when I first started seriously practicing my photography. Loads of images of them playing, getting on tricycles, eating spaghetti…you know – all the great stuff that parents photograph their kids doing. IMG_0736

I know we’ve all muttered under our breath about where time goes when we aren’t paying attention and I found myself saying those exact words. Where does the time go? The last time I checked, my daughters were in a car seat eating cheerios and jumping up and down about Blue’s Clues. Now they have cell phones and opinions on the latest fashions, foods and fads. (they are both playing Pokemon Go, by the way…and so am I. Not my fault, the girls talked me into it…

okay, who am I kidding? I downloaded it for them.)

Anyway, the point is that they are already 12 and 14 years old. My oldest daughter will be starting high school this fall. HIGH SCHOOL!  879A1389Yes, it’s a shock that I would be so old, but honestly I’m okay with it. It did give me pause to wonder about all the precious time that becomes lost when we aren’t paying attention though. All that time spent staring at my phone, updating Facebook, getting the latest celebrity gossip, catching up on emails and editing photos. You know, running a business, being a Mom, a Wife, a superhero, a pet parent, a maid, a….I could go on but you get the idea. There’s only 24 hours in a day and I don’t always spend it where it counts the most – My family.

Getting back to those photos again…I realized that there is nothing I can do to stop my girls from growing up. I actually don’t want to stop them from growing really…just maybe slow it down a little bit? I know I can’t stop my girls from growing up but I can be there to watch them grow up. To that thought, (as much as I’m a bit hesitant to say it) I’ve not been persuing as much business as in years past. When I do rescue shoots, I’ve been inviting my young assistants to help out…to experience the joy of volunteering and seeing the results when a pet gets a second home because of my images (and their help).


Assistant Sonja doing her best.

When given a choice to come up with a marketing plan or grab the camera and take the girls to a baseball game, I’ve been choosing the baseball game.

File Jul 20, 8 07 21 PM

Enjoying the 4th of July Fireworks at the Asheville Tourists Game

I’m scheduling my day around theirs just so I can be available to watch them become two beautiful humans and you know what? They make me so proud, every single day.

So, to sum up….
For me, life is always about balance, but lately I’ll admit…I’m leaning the scales towards the most important things that I know-FAMILY.
That’s all for this week. Much love from the Sheryl Mann Photography desk!

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